The largest french abbreviations and acronyms listing is an abbreviations dictionary whose main purpose is to help students to take notes. Indeed, taking notes is a daily task for students, from high school to higher education and college university.

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MeltingMots has an Abbreviations list for all uses. You will also find as many acronyms forcountries, as literary or even scientific. A "common abbreviations" category has been specially created to meet your needs.

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A taking notes class

MeltingMots also offers a course entitled "How to take notes" made by a student, for students. The objective is to set up a support allowing everyone to be able to initiate or supplement their knowledge in taking notes. We plan to improve this course with your comments and sugestions.

A translation tool for abbreviations text is not just a glossary, because you will also find an experimental tool : The abbreviations text translator. The abbreviations text translator will allow you to automatically translate all of your abbreviations text. Using acronyms and langage common rules. It's a participative project, everyone can add their own abbreviations in order to complete it.

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